Monday, February 4, 2013

Terrific Target Trinkets- The obsession continues

I was perusing Target today and stumbled upon some of the cutest things! By now, you probably know of my little obsession with the bullseye store, so it's only natural that I tell you that I visit at least 3 times a week. Yes, I'm pathetic. I know. However, I cannot seem to get over how cute everything is these last few seasons! 

I had to grab these earrings. Aren't they darling? For $7.99 I couldn't pass them up. Plus, there is a sale going on right now where if you buy one jewelry item, you get another 50% off! You could score some great things this way. 

I just found this today. Are you kidding me???? A seersucker blazer? As if my seersucker obsession wasn't bad enough. I plan to grab this cutie as soon as it goes on sale. 

I thought this dress was absolutely adorable. How cute would this be with some turquoise jewelry? 

This chevron wallet is a complete steal for $9.99. I LOVE that you can just stick your iPhone in there for an easy carrying case. So practical and so fun! 

In other news, I'm SO ready for spring to come to Michigan. I'm over this crummy weather. I miss wearing flowy dresses and impractical shoes. I miss not having to scrape an inch of ice off my car every morning. I miss safe drives where people aren't swerving everywhere. Basically I need to move south. ;) Happy Monday!



  1. Hi, new follower from the GFC hop!!
    I actually thrifted a seer sucker blazer about a year ago but it has just been sitting in my seeing it in Tar-Jay makes me excited!!

    Sunshine State of Mind

    1. Hi Holly! So nice to "meet" you! :) You definitely have to wear it now that it's in the ever-famous Tar-jay! ;)

  2. Where did you find that chevron wallet case? It's adorable!!

  3. Where did you find that chevron wallet case? It's adorable!!