Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sorry, I've seemed to fall off the planet.

Apparently I've been MIA for the last few weeks. It's been absolutely crazy here. Literally. A few weeks ago Joe (the husband) went off to school camp a few hours away. He teaches at a small Christian school and every year they go to camp for a week to bond and grow closer together. While he was having a blast there, I was stuck at our terrifying apartment. By myself. Needless to say, I wasn't exactly thrilled by the arrangement. I slept with a hot pink knife at my bedside. I figured if anything, if anyone tried to rob me they would run away in horror by the crazy girl chasing them around with a pink knife. I decided to spend all my free time doing pinterest crafts and cleaning. It definitely helped to pass the time, and I ended up having a really fun week.

I found these adorable charger stickers on the website forchicsake. Isn't it precious? My monogram obsession lives on!

Forchicsake also had these awesome printable bookmarks. SUPER cute. 

The other pinterest project- Pantry makeover. I printed out all of these adorable labels from The Social Home blog and adjusted them to fit the labels I already owned. It made my pantry look so cute! I have very limited cupboard space in the apartment, so this was a nice way to store all of my ingredients. 

In other news, my adorable cocker spaniel, Jewell, isn't doing well. I love this little cupcake so much, so please pray that her passing isn't painful! Jewell is my first and only pet, so this is definitely not an easy experience to go through. The poor little thing is in the last stages of congestive heart failure. She has brought so much joy into our lives for the past 15 years! I'm thankful for all the memories she has given us. 

This weekend is my old high school's homecoming game. I'm so excited to reunite with old friends and cheer those bobcats on! I've been extra sentimental lately, so definitely excited for this chance to see the people I grew up with. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Falling for Fall

Fall is coming quickly to Michigan! We still are enjoying the insanely warm weather, but now that pumpkin spice lattes are back, it feels a little bit closer. I just discovered that you can get the pumpkin spice lattes in a frappe... seriously? Why did no one fill me in on this before? My life has been made. I bought the wonderful Cars spatulas on clearance at Williams Sonoma. I LOVE THAT STORE. My little nephews are going to adore them! 

I'm incredibly lucky to have a Charming Charlie's store right by my home. It's this fantastic jewelry store with more choices than you can ever imagine! I found the perfect gold watch and bracelet. I also scored a fabulous necklace that I'm sure will appear on here sooner or later. This fall is all about the gold-tones to me. I've been incredibly lucky in scoring some great new pieces lately. 

This weekend is going to be packed with fun. We are visiting the niece/nephews for some family time and I will hopefully be getting my first EVER pedicure with the sister-in-laws. I hope everyone is doing fantastic! 


I love creating new outfits for work. When I saw this skirt at Target on clearance for $10 I had to snatch it up! I love the stripes!