Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Car Crash and Some Recent Happenings

What. A. Week.

On Thursday I was driving to work and got into a car wreck. We only had the basic insurance on the car, and the front end was smashed.

Thank goodness the other driver was unharmed. As it turns out, ice and breaks don't mix. No, they don't mix at all. I was pretty distraught after the accident. I don't handle shock well. I was terrified. I have always been a crazy cautious driver, and have been in 0 accidents my entire life. I've never gotten a speeding ticket; heck, I've never even hit a bunny! I will admit, It was pretty awesome to watch God provide through this. Whether it was people bringing us amazing meals, or offering us rides, God provided.

Later that night when searching for a new car, we found one on craigslist. It was the perfect compromise between everything the hubby and I wanted. Our awesome brother-in-law went to check on it for us and we decided to drive across state that night in a car borrowed from a friend. Long story short, we bought a car! I can't believe how fast it happened, but it just reaffirmed God's power in my mind. I was able to see how prayer and reliance on him works. He definitely didn't let me down.

I could definitely use prayers now that this all happened. Obviously not expecting to get a new car, it was a pretty big hit to the finances; however, I know God will provide like he already has. Another prayer request- insurance rates. Pray our insurance rates don't go up dramatically. The ice was terrible that day and the officer said there was literally nothing I could do to avoid this, so I'm praying insurance sees that this is a very out of the ordinary experience.

In other news, all of the Target stores in my area are remodeling. The result? Insane amounts of sales everywhere you turn! Definitely check around your area to see if any of yours' are doing the same. I've been able to buy some great steals!

I hope you are all well and staying warm!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Wear

Sweater and boots- Target
Jeggings- AE
Plaid Shirt- Hollister

Monday, January 7, 2013

OOTD- Brighten those winter blues

Sweater/ Shirt- Target
Scarf- Target (thanks, Mom!)
Jeggings- AE
Boots- Target (I really need to expand my closet!) 

Ah, Mondays. The start to a new week. So far it has been very exciting! I found out one of my dearest friends is expecting her first baby (somehow I missed this news!). I'm so excited for her! Obviously this will lead to an influx of baby pins on my pinterest (as if there weren't enough already). It's so neat watching my friends start new ventures in life, but it also makes me realize how short this life really is. I really want to make my time count on this earth. I want to make sure I'm not wasting moments. There are so many beautiful things that I'm going to miss if I don't take the time to enjoy the present. I am going to make 2013 a year where I concentrate on people instead of things. I want to pay more attention to what others need than what I want. My life was not created by God to serve myself, and it's time to start living like it. Enjoy the little things this week! 


Sunday, January 6, 2013

90% Off Target Christmas

I wanted to give you all a peek at today's Target finds! =) The sign still read 70% off, but everything rang up at 90% off! I was so excited. Today I spent $39 and saved $300!

Among my finds were photo coasters for less than a dollar. Stockings for 1.30, undies for 39 cents, lip glosses for 19 cents and placemats for less than 30 cents a piece. So much fun! Check out your local Target asap as it's sure to be gone soon!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Shopping Spree!

I've been a shopping machine these last few days! Thank goodness for Christmas gift cards. Since I work next to a really wonderful mall, I'm able to shop a lot during my lunch break at work. So many stores have fabulous sales after the new year, so I'm always sure to take advantage. This year definitely did not disappoint!

Lilly Pulitzer finally put their adorable planners on sale! I was incredibly excited to get mine for only $14. I stopped at target to buy some colorful pens to keep it pretty. I hope it will keep me organized this year!

Bath and Body Works is having their semi-annual sale. This is always when I stock up! This gingerbread hand sanitizer was one of my favorite buys. It smells incredible. I also snatched up a few lip glosses for $3 a piece. 

I picked up Airbrush Legs by Sally Hansen after seeing many amazing reviews on Pinterest. It is awesome! I tend to get quite ghostly in the winter, and this finally makes my legs look skirt-acceptable. 

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is my latest discovery in nail polish. It's uber cheap and is better than anything I've ever used (including high name brands!). The color, Slick Slate, is a fantastic winter color. It is completely dry within 30 seconds-1 minute. This is amazing for me since I almost always smudge it while drying. 

My favorite store in the world for face products is Lush. If you haven't been to one, do yourself the favor and make the trip. I am lucky to have two very close by to me! Grease lightening is one of the best spot treatments I've ever tried. I have been dealing with a horrible break out, and this stuff has minimized it by at least half overnight! 

I've been eyeing these pajamas forever! I could never find them in the store and they were sold out online. I happened to check the pajama section at target today, and what did I see under that glorious 70% off sign? I was so excited! I was able to get them for $7.49. Such a steal! 

I'm almost positive my husband is 1/4 polar bear, so it's nice to have some warm pajamas! 

Remember that gorgeous coat I ordered from modcloth? That week they had a glitch in their system where stock that they didn't have was showing up. My order sadly got cancelled and I was so bummed. While at TJ Maxx later in the week with my Mom, I saw an absolutely gorgeous coat. It was on the clearance rack for $80 and usually sells for up to $250! After much convincing from my Mom, I used some gift cards and my amazing, wonderful mother threw in $20 to cover the rest. She is so great! 

I also snatched up a pair of adorable cowgirl boots at Target for only $10! If you have a Target close by, go pronto. All of their Christmas stuff is 90% off! I was able to get undies for 49 cents, adorable pajama shorts for less than a dollar, and great decorations for pennies! I only spent $23 and saved over $109!

Have a fantastic weekend! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A new year, and some new resolutions.

We made it through 2013! I was incredibly excited to usher in a new year. Although it may just be a date on a calendar, for me it symbolized fresh starts, new beginnings, and second chances. I've set a few goals for myself this year, and I hope that by writing them down I will be more liable to keep them.

1. Sing more. I love singing, and I love performing. I want to do more of what I love this year. I want to enter another singing contest, sing in church (a big fear of mine, actually!), and write more songs. I hope to learn how to play basic things on the guitar to be able to write my own music. I want to be more confident in my music.

2. Lose 15 pounds. It's obtainable. Through a certain baby-preventing medicine (ugh!) I put on a few pounds. I started a diet before Christmas and was able to lose 7 of those extra pounds hanging around. I have 15 more to go for my goal. I want to be happy with my body and be more healthy. I'm going to drink more water and eat more veggies.

3. Stress less. I'm almost always stressed. I work in a fairly stressful position, and carry a lot of weight. I'm going to make this be the year that I let God carry my problems and stop trying to do everything myself. I want to enjoy life more. I'm sure this will help with a little breakout situation on my face as well... Ha!

4. Read my Bible more. This is something I struggle with. I love Jesus and I love his word, but I make so many excuses on why I can't read it that day. I'm making this the year of no excuses. I need to grow in my walk with Christ and learn to love him more.

5. Improve my marriage. There's always so much to work on in marriage! I want to grow as a wife this year. I want to learn to talk more and be angry less. When I argue, I tend to clam up and not speak. I'm going to force myself to talk about things this year. I want to grow as a couple and fall even more in love.

6. Move out of our apartment and into a safer area. I'm really hoping to leave our first little apartment this year. I cannot wait to live somewhere that I feel safe. Hopefully we can look into buying our first home.

7. Plan a Disney trip. Those that know me know that I'm literally obsessed (probably at a little bit of an unhealthy level ha!) with Disney. I want to start planning a trip and make it happen. It might not be this year that we go, but I want to start booking and saving through 2013.

8. Get better at blogging. This is still a new venture for me. I hope that I will build a more solid blog, make some new friends, and keep consistent.

Phew! Hopefully these goals help improve me as a person throughout the year. I wish you all the best as you set yours as well!