Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Car Crash and Some Recent Happenings

What. A. Week.

On Thursday I was driving to work and got into a car wreck. We only had the basic insurance on the car, and the front end was smashed.

Thank goodness the other driver was unharmed. As it turns out, ice and breaks don't mix. No, they don't mix at all. I was pretty distraught after the accident. I don't handle shock well. I was terrified. I have always been a crazy cautious driver, and have been in 0 accidents my entire life. I've never gotten a speeding ticket; heck, I've never even hit a bunny! I will admit, It was pretty awesome to watch God provide through this. Whether it was people bringing us amazing meals, or offering us rides, God provided.

Later that night when searching for a new car, we found one on craigslist. It was the perfect compromise between everything the hubby and I wanted. Our awesome brother-in-law went to check on it for us and we decided to drive across state that night in a car borrowed from a friend. Long story short, we bought a car! I can't believe how fast it happened, but it just reaffirmed God's power in my mind. I was able to see how prayer and reliance on him works. He definitely didn't let me down.

I could definitely use prayers now that this all happened. Obviously not expecting to get a new car, it was a pretty big hit to the finances; however, I know God will provide like he already has. Another prayer request- insurance rates. Pray our insurance rates don't go up dramatically. The ice was terrible that day and the officer said there was literally nothing I could do to avoid this, so I'm praying insurance sees that this is a very out of the ordinary experience.

In other news, all of the Target stores in my area are remodeling. The result? Insane amounts of sales everywhere you turn! Definitely check around your area to see if any of yours' are doing the same. I've been able to buy some great steals!

I hope you are all well and staying warm!


  1. Oh boy! I'm so glad you're okay. That's terrifying! My boyfriend and I hit an icy patch the other day and somehow made it out unscathed. I'm so sorry you weren't as lucky :( but I'm so thankful that you were able to get a new car and that everything seems to have worked out okay. Thinking about you, sweetheart! I hope this week is 100x better than last!

    xoxo Mason

    1. Thanks so much, Mason!!! Definitely hoping that this week continues in a good direction. :) On the other hand, it's SO nice to finally have a car I like! Ha!