Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY Photo Booth

When planning my wedding, one of my most desired "extras" was a photo booth. I searched high and low for one I could afford with my minuscule budget. Every one I came across was in the $1000 range. I tried finding other areas to cut to make it more feasible, but it just wasn't happening. While at a bridal show, my Mom and I finally found the answer to my prayers. A super affordable photo booth! Talking with the man about all the exciting possibilities made me even more eager for the big day- That is, until he asked me that dream-crushing question: "Where is the wedding?" Turns out, my wedding, three hours away from their base, would cost me a huge traveling fee. Of course, putting them right in that bracket with the others of way over my budget.
All seemed lost as I finally sent my photo booth desire into the pile of things I could never afford. (Why is this pile so big in the wedding world?) For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wanted so badly to make it happen. This opened up my eyes to another world of DIY photo booths. Many of the ones I saw online seemed to be expensive in their own right. People were buying fancy cameras and hooking up computers and printers. . . for me, this kind of blew the whole "save money" portion of the idea. I had to get creative. I found a damask curtain at my house from Target. It was cute, went with my theme, and FREE since I already had it. Doing an internet search for free photo booth props resulted in some super adorable mustaches and funny ideas. I talked to my photographer about it, and she told me she would be more than willing to stand there and take photos of all the guests. It ended up being a HIT! We put the pictures online for people to print out themselves. Many even took pictures with their own cameras. For basically free I was able to add a great element of fun to the wedding. I will leave you with some pictures from LGPhotography and some links to print out your own photobooth props! The blogs that made the props are super cute, and I definitely recommend checking them out. Such a fun, cheap way to add so much to your big day, or any party.

"Tip Junkie" Free Mustache Printable! 
"Catch My Party" Free Printables!
"Oh Happy Day"- Free Printables!


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