Saturday, December 8, 2012

Makeup Haul!

I've always had super sensitive skin- in fact, most makeup will inevitably cause a break out on my face upon use. I discovered this amazing brand through my sister-in-laws. It's called "Everyday Minerals," and is a natural, vegan, mineral makeup brand. I LOVE IT. This is the first brand that has actually cleared up my face. Their makeup is very high quality, and super affordable. It ends up being cheaper than store brand makeup for me because it lasts so long. In the pictures above, you will see the long-haired kabuki brush. I own two of these already, and they are better than any professional brush I have ever used. At $12.99, I consider it quite a steal! :) Their brushes are incredibly soft. They make many of the super expensive brushes seem scratchy in comparison. I use their bases (foundations) in semi-matte. It provides incredible coverage, and looks so natural. 

My favorite eyeshadow is "Wish You Were Here" with "Comfy" coming in at a close second. The brow defining kit is fabulous. It's so easy to fill in those eyebrow-plucking mistakes (we all make them!). They also have "custom kits" where you can select many of their products for 35% off! They are already a steal, so this makes them even better. I ended up ordering around $100 of product that will last me about a year. In the grand scheme of things, this is going to cost less than drugstore brands and be way better for your face. 

Have you tried this brand before? How did you like it? 

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