Sunday, December 9, 2012

Goodbye, weekend!

I had a very productive weekend! I love being able to say that on a Sunday night. Friday was spent working from home and running errands. Saturday I spent the entire day relaxing with the hubby. It was SO needed. I hardly did anything all day other than online shopping and catch up on my favorite TV shows. I finally was able to use my modcloth gift card that my little sister gave me on my last birthday (umm... my next birthday is in ONE week!) and ordered this fabulous coat! I got an incredible deal on it too. I cannot wait to get it in the mail!

Also, my amazing hubby bought me an Apple Tv today! SO excited! It's my early birthday present. =) 

Today after church, I spent five hours... yes you heard that right... FIVE hours cleaning my apartment! It was so very needed, and I still have some more to do. We are having a little party tomorrow, so it was a nice excuse to deep clean this place! 

I also started working out and dieting this weekend. Usually it seems incredibly daunting, but I'm actually feeling pretty determined with it this time! I am using the Lose It! app on my phone to keep my calories in check. Amazing how much food you can cut out when you have to record it! I have been using pinterest to find all kinds of fun work out videos. My new faves? Definitely the Jillian Michaels Yoga video and the Victorias Secret model work outs. 

My OOTD today is pretty simple. I go to a very conservative church, so knee length skirts are a must. Modest and classy cuts are my go to looks for services.  

Skirt/Cardi/Shirt- Target
Shoes- TJ Maxx
Necklace- Nords Rack

Have a fabulous Monday!

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