Monday, April 22, 2013

The Spring Wish List

Wish List
Hello, Spring! (Hello, Anna!) Spring is oh, so beautiful. I've been out running (who am I kidding... maybe a fast walk at best) with my husband and taking in this beautiful sunshine. Spring makes me want pretty things (uh oh, wallet.)  So, that's why I've decided to ramble on and on about some of the pretty things I'm dying to get my freshly painted fingernails on. Here we gooooo!

1. iPad. Duh. Everyone seems to have one and I'm just sitting here like oh, hey... don't mind me typing on my old fashioned computer device. Don't mind me at all. But, in all seriousness, I'm totally waiting until the next model. Mostly because apple stuff gets replaced with a new model every other week and I want to stay on top of things.

2. Tory Burch shoes. Let's just get one thing straight. I'm pretty sure the most I've ever spent on shoes was $50... and that was for my wedding shoes. Apparently I need to step up my game. Those Tory Burch flats are just way too cute. I'm hoping that I will stumble upon a pair at Nordstrom Rack one of these days.

3. Michael Kors bag. I am in dire need of a structured bag. And by dire, I mean I WANT ONE. They are adorable! My goal is to buy a nice purse sometime this year. I've only owned Target purses in the past, and let's be honest... they don't hold up very long. I want an investment piece.

4. A hot pink cruiser bike! My bike broke. Literally. The handle bars pretty much are falling off. It's unfortunate (not really that unfortunate because I've had that same bike since I was 10 and really was praying for it to fall apart so I could get a pretty big girl one.)

5. Mint Candy Apple by Essie. This shade is just adorable. I love this color for spring!

6. Raspberry Kitchenaid. Let's just be honest here... this thing belongs in my life. I'm hoping after stalking my blog, my (super handsome, generous, kind, loving, good looking... are you getting this, honey?) husband will get the hint and buy it for me. It would look awesome in my kitchen!

What are you wishing for this spring?


  1. You can never go wrong with a Michael Kors bag! I think every girl in my family has one! They are wonderful!!

  2. Raspberry Kitchen aide yes please! I would love one as well :) Love the list sweet girl..

  3. I don't have an iPad either, I'm thinking I might try to get one when the newest one comes out.. if I can convince myself to spend the money ha ha! I also want a kitchen aid SUPER bad! Oh, and I love that Essie color. You have great taste :D

  4. I got the iPad mini when it came out. I had been waiting FOREVER for a smaller version because I like to take it with me EVERYWHERE and the smaller size is so convenient.

  5. Hi my lovely,

    Thank you so much for joining Friday Chaos – Hope you found some great blogs & gain some awesome new followers.
    Be sure to stop by again soon, don’t be a stranger :)

    Love this wishlist, the bag is my fav :D

    Lotte xo