Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting to Know You- Part Deux

My last getting to know you post was quite popular! I'm glad you guys can deal with my sassy-pants and could relate to me in all my creeper glory. I figured we could start this post off with an embarassing picture I was trying hard to save for throwback Thursday, but I just... can't... wait. I went to Bible college. I decided cheerleading would be fun. I was given this lovely frock to wear. No, your eyes are not fooling you. That is a one of a kind pair of culottes right there. Hot.

1. I get super bad anxiety in cars. It drives my husband crazy! Every time I don't think we aren't slowing down fast enough I let out a dramatic gasp and grab the door. Oh, yes- I'm that person. I'm a joy to drive with. Not to mention my constant string of comments. "Hey, babe... don't you think we should slow down? The speed limit is 55 here. You're going 57." I mean, we could possibly get a ticket...or die. One of the two. No big deal.

2. We're not planning on having a baby anytime soon, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I've stocked up on baby clothes. But really, no one's going to stop me from buying a super poofy baby dress when it's in the Target clearance section for $2. My future self will thank me, I'm sure. Now let's just hope I have a girl at some point. ;)

3. Back in my cheerleading camp days, they had a popular phrase: Fake it till' you make it. That phrase comes in handy every single day of my life. Pretty sure I have no idea what I'm doing 99% of the time in my job or life. That's cool, though. Just put a smile on that face and push through.

4. I am a full out Disney obsessed nerd. Like I'm talking let's walk through Disney World and I'll tell you the complete history of every attraction nerd. I follow the building permits to see their upcoming attractions. Try bringing that subject up on a first date. Haawwwkward.

5. I was in denial about my shoe size up until 10th grade. For some reason in those years it was cool to wear a size 8.5 like all the other girls (what???) so naturally I had to follow suit. I ended up with a whole closet of clown-looking shoes to put on my 6.5 feet. Speaking of that, my shoe size is inbetween a 6.5 and a 7. Most awkward feet ever. Why am I telling you this? I have no idea. Just sympathize with me for a second when I see a beautiful pair of pumps that are too small in a 6.5 and falling off in a 7. Sweet.

6. I found my livejournal the other day (good heavens.) I'm just going to let you read a little excerpt of that little gem: "Lol people think i look like Hilary Duff or Kaley Couco lol haha i dont think i do but a lot of people say it and itz sorta funny" Really, Anna? No one has ever, ever, ever even once related you to either one of those people in your life. And one of my personal favorites: "OMG i havent posted in this thing in like forever! WOW! Well 2day i went to dance class at Genesys with Sasha...It was funny. I was crazy through the whole thing. Today i have to go to my cousin Malindas Bday party (*happy 4th hunny!*) lol! She is absolutly adorable! Well newayz im still single haha ... gee what else is new. lol Well SSS but i g2g get ready and shower! LYL!!!!! BYEE!!!!!!!" Did I really just point out the inevitable fact that I was still single? I was 13. It's a shame they closed "greater journal" down as I remember switching to that to write the majority of my entries. After all, that was the mature thing to do.

7. I've been a dancer since I was 4. I will be performing in my home studios production of Tangled in a few months. The best part about being a ballerina for 19+ years? I still can't dance anything other than ballet to save my life. Fake it till ya' make it. I told you that saying would come in handy!

8. I'm a crier. You confront me? I cry. Talk about embarrassing. I got pulled over once for a tail light being out. A. Tail. Light. The officer came to my window and immediately the tears started welling up. So, so awkward.

9. I really want twins someday. Or triplets. I've officially lost my mind.

10. The only designer bag I've ever owned is Vera Bradley. I do have two coach wallets I was given as gifts, though! Someday I'll own a fancy, pretty bag.

 Happy Monday, loves!


  1. #1 is totally me. And boyfriend is a cop so he drives like a cop even when off duty. OMG our car rides are NOT fun...or funny. Ok, maybe funny.

    1. P.S. totally love that cheerleading uniform ;)

  2. #1 & #8 - *so* me. Unless you are immediate family, I opt for the back seat :-D. And ... try giving someone a piece of your mind while you are full out bawling - so *not* effective!

    I do feel for you on the shoe thing. It is hard enough to find the good shoes in small sizes much less in between sizes. My aunt has a similar issue - I am your average foot size, just flat footed - and that has a whole 'nother set of issues! :-)

    great post - a lot of fun to read.

    My Imperfect...

  3. Love that picture, I didn't know they made cheerleader uniforms like that!
    I'm so with you on #1, I get horrible anxiety in the car, especially when the weather is really bad and sight is limited.
    As for #2, its always best to be prepared! Babies are expensive and grow through clothes SO fast!! We have tons of clothes that my son was never able to wear.
    Love that phrase - fake it til you make it.
    I am the same awkward shoe size! I have the hardest time buying super cute shoes.
    That is SO COOL you'll be dancing in a production of Tangled!!
    Love this fun post!