Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Little Throwback

Pretty sure I had that cute baby thing down to a T. My Mom's (super tiny) frames and my Dad's creeper stash crack me up every time I see this! 

MOM WHY? But really... these outfits might haunt me my entire life. Just kidding. I love them. Especially the hot bow tie... and the... nevermind. It's hard to find redeeming factors in this one. 

That leotard. It just brings out the 90's in me. 

SO it's finally Thursday! Which means tomorrow is Friday. So, I shall celebrate. It's getting up to a whopping 77 degrees in the mitten today. Mind you, we are under a tornado watch and some crazy thunderstorms have been happening, but I'll take what we can get. Who cares about tornados when I can take off my 10 layers of grandma sweaters? Not me. 

On a side note of nasty, the worms were out this morning in full force. Worms remind me of snakes aka I have a mini heart attack every time I see them. What I looked like walking to the car this morning looked like most people's vision of walking through a mine field. It's whatever. 

Today has been a little off for me. Have you ever had one of those dreams that felt so real that you wake up moody? Oh, my sweet husband was in for a great treat this morning when I woke up giving him angry looks. I watched a TV episode last night that had a cheating spouse, so of course my nightmares decided that would be the topic of the night. I had terrible dreams of catching my hubby with a different girl. Ummm. No thank you. Poor guy. He probably didn't expect the attitude this morning! ;) 

Have a fabulous Thursday, everyone! Let's just pray I don't pull a wizard of oz and get swept away by a tornado today! But really, even if I do at least the weather is nice. 



  1. Cuteeee. love those tiny glasses on your mom ;)

  2. Those pics are FABULOUS!! The jumpsuits cracked me up!!

    PS- Hate dreams like that! :(

  3. I love your throwbacks! Too Cute!!


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