Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stores that sparkle- A new shop find!

Once in a while I stumble upon something fresh, new, and exciting. When I was surfing through the good old' interwebs yesterday, I happened to stumble upon a store that was so cheerful, it immediately turned my Monday around. I'm absolutely smitten. Meet Emily Ley, a store that's sure to bring some sunshine into your life. Her products are cute, functional, and many times inspiring. You can see her joyfulness and love for life radiate through her creations. Take this for example:

I love the message. I love that it came at the perfect point in the day where I realized that I just needed to do the best I could in Christ's standards and not my own. Sheesh! If only I could implement that in my day to day life. This print would be an awesome reminder to hang in my home and at the office.

This mug! I love this mug. I love that it exudes positivity. More and more lately I've been realizing that "great days" are a choice. We can totally have a great day regardless of circumstances! Isn't that encouraging? We can make the choice to be happy, even though everything around us tells us not to.

You all know my little love-affair with the metallic gold colors this season. Emily definitely has her share of choices to go along with it!

This clutch is a show-stealer. How darling would this be with a hot pink monogram?

Head on over and check out this adorable little shop! I'm sure you will look around and love it as much as I do.

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  1. Cute stuff! I'll have to check this shop out! :) Thanks for sharing!