Sunday, March 23, 2014

Liam Scott is HERE! :)

Friday, February 28th started out fairly normal. I had a doctors appointment, so took the day off of work. Earlier that morning I had lost the "plug" and thought labor would be at least coming soon. When I got to my appt, I was still at 3cm dilated, so quickly passed off the idea of labor happening that day. I was having my usual "braxton hicks" so didn't think too much of them. I spent some time at my husband's school, and even went to a pizza buffet with friends for dinner! We spent the whole evening with our close friends Ben and Brittany putting together the baby's dresser/changing table from Ikea.
By the time I was in bed, the contractions were pretty intense. I stayed up the whole night running back and forth to the bathroom to throw up, and laying on the floor in pain. I still wasn't convinced it was labor. In fact, I didn't even bother waking up my husband! Around 9am the next morning, Joe noticed I was in pretty severe pain, and asked if I had timed them. I hadn't even bothered trying. Ha! He started to time them for me and noticed they were 4 minutes apart. He suggested we go to the hospital, but I quickly shot that idea down. After more convincing (and some major hinting with him packing up the car) I reluctantly agreed that we could go "later." I proceeded to do my hair and make up (because if you're going into labor, that clearly should be your first priority!) and packed up some remaining items. Every time a contraction would hit, Joe would have to put hard pressure on my back to help counter the pain. The hour car ride to the hospital was terrible! I never took a birthing class, so had no idea how to breathe through the pain. I ended up having all back labor, and it was intense!
My doctor had always told me to go to the ER and they would take me up to labor and delivery. When I got there, the lady ushered us away saying that we needed to go to a different entrance. Nothing better than being on a goose chase while in labor! ;) Joe found the entrance but there was no where to park to help me in. I decided to just go myself, and try to find where I needed to be. I aimlessly wandered to the elevators and found the floor. Naturally, there was a line at the check in desk since they had tours that day. I, being the crazy person I am, decided to be a good person and wait my turn. Contractions were about every 2 minutes apart at that point, and I was huddled over with every one. A guy noticed, and asked if I was alright. I just casually said "I think I'm in labor..." and he offered to let me cut them in line. I said no. HA! Apparently I follow all rules, even while in pain. By the time it was my turn, Joe had parked the car and found the floor as well. The lady behind the desk said "how can I help you?" and I told her I thought I "might" be in labor. She handed me a pile of paperwork to fill out (oh the joys!) and asked if I wanted to take a seat. After what seemed like an eternity, they took me back to a triage room to see if I was, in fact, in labor. The nurse there was the sweetest. She taught me how to breathe, was incredibly patient with me, and would make sure everything was quiet and calm during the contractions. In between, she started hooking me up to machines to monitor. My contractions were off the charts! She decided to check the dilation, and immediately left to get another nurse to confirm. I was already at a 7! They had a room ready right away and started to wheel me there. I felt so nauseous, so told her I might get sick. They handed me the tiniest crescent shaped bowl to throw up into. Thaaaanks! The nurse would stop wheeling me during every contraction. During one of the stops, a giant tour group walked by. Fantastic. I was a added asset to the tour. "Here's an actual labor!" People were gawking. Literally. There were some people peeking their heads out even after they got into the room they were headed to. So funny!
Immediately when I got into my delivery room, I started getting sick. Poor Joe was holding the polly-pocket sized bowl while I threw up everywhere. He ran to the bathroom to empty it between. If you know my husband, this is incredible. He isn't one for bodily functions. Ha! In fact, he had always said he probably wouldn't even be in the room during my labor! He was outstanding.
My mom, sister, dad, and two best friends arrived shortly after we got there. It was SO good to have that support system! Ironically there was a Disney movie marathon playing on the TV. I tried concentrating on that to take my mind of the pain, buuuut it didn't work so well. My doctor is known for attending all of her patient's labors. Naturally, she was gone for mine. ha! :) Instead a man walked into the room telling me he was my doctor for the day. I was SO mortified. I chose my doctor because I was uncomfortable with a male. Thankfully, he was amazing and made sure it wasn't awkward at all. Then, a male student walked in and asked in the most measly voice, "Can I please watch your labor?" ... Yeah. At that point all pride went out the window. I was willing to let the president watch if he wanted. Hey, they could even broadcast it on the 6 o'clock news!
I was always told I couldn't get an epidural with my scoliosis. A HUGE moment happened when the anesthesiologist on duty specialized in scoliosis! He offered to try it, to help with the pain. I was willing to try anything! I was too far into it to have any pain meds, and it was the last chance for an epi. The epi worked like a dream! That is, for about 30 minutes... Then labor pains came back full swing. I was shaking out of control. The back pain was so bad that I was begging for another try at the epi. They brought him back, but I was so close to labor that he couldn't do anything else for me. At the end of every contraction, I couldn't stop pushing. The doctors had all left the room, and my mom noticed. I begged her not to tell them, but she ran to find someone. Sure enough, I was dilated to a 10 and ready to go. Panic set in. I had no idea what to do. A big light came down from the ceiling, and everyone was all up and personal. The doctor told me that pushing for first time moms usually takes around 3 hours. What. No. That wasn't going to be okay.
Pushing hurt. Bad. I felt like I was going to pass out, and was yelling that it hurt. Some nurse that wasn't helping with anything and was typing on her computer the whole time came over and said "You need to CALM DOWN." Oh goodness. I think if my legs weren't being held into place I would have used them to kick her. Greeeeat things to say to a woman in labor! ;) Needless to say, I didn't calm down.
In between the pushes the whole staff would turn around to watch the Disney movie playing behind them... ironically it was Peter Pan! Our son's nursery theme!
My mom and hubby were incredible. Both were so supportive during all the pushes, and tried to make me comfortable. Joe even watched the entire thing.
It was pretty discouraging to finally start to push the head out and then give up in the middle of the push. I could feel it get sucked back in! Haha! My poor child. First game of peek a boo?
Finally, after 31 minutes of pushing, he arrived! It was the biggest feeling of relief that I can even say. That moment where they lay that bundle on your chest is incredible. He was perfect in every way. I couldn't believe it! His daddy cut the cord and proudly held that baby. Everyone came into the room to see our sweet boy, and the doctors stitched me up. Actually, they let the student stitch me up... ai yi yi! :) So thankful that he is HERE!
Liam Scott was born at 4:31 pm on March 1st, and was 7lbs 13oz and 20.5 inches long. He is the light of our lives!


  1. THIS JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY. Love him and you :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS MAMA! I have been waiting for this post!! He is perfect. Can't wait to see more pictures of him.
    Holly xx

  3. Congratulations! Liam is precious! I know you're enjoying every second of motherhood.

  4. He is such a little cutie pie..
    Congrats Mamma!