Friday, February 21, 2014

Neverland Nursery- Coming Together

Wow- 38 weeks! I can't believe our little prince is almost here. Things seem to be progressing very quickly. According to my doctor, it could be any day now. With these contractions, I'm definitely agreeing with her. :) I'm getting a little more excited as the day approaches. I am definitely nervous, but so ready to not carry around a basketball in my stomach. It will be nice to be able to flip over at night without feeling like I just ran a marathon. 

Now that we are all moved into the new house, the nursery is SLOWLY coming together. We still don't have much in there, but we should have all the pieces by this weekend. I'm putting together a Peter Pan/Neverland nursery theme. I wanted it to have that Peter Pan feel, but very subtly. It is really hard to do! Everything for Peter Pan seems to be very cartoon-ish. I decided to keep the colors as navy blue, gray, red, and small touches of Peter Pan green. Yesterday I arrived home to see that incredible rocking chair in the picture below in my driveway. Such an incredible surprise from my Dad! My Mom completed a HUGE task for us by painting the formerly electric blue room to a soothing gray shade. She is amazing! The gray walls gave us a great background to add pops of color to. I love the look of the Harper Crib bedding in navy blue from Pottery Barn. Unfortunately it comes with a high price tag. I was scouring the PB outlet (amazing place if you haven't been!) and stumbled upon the Harper bumper in red for 1/4 of the price. I was desperately wishing for the other pieces in navy, but could not justify spending the money. A few weeks went by and finally a great dupe of the bedding came to Babies R' Us! We put it on our registry, and my sweet aunt got it for us. It definitely is going to pull the room together. I also decided to get a dresser that would double as a changing table instead of having the two separate. The Ikea Hemnes dresser is fabulous! It has the perfect amount of space without completely breaking the bank. We are going this weekend to Ikea to pick one up. :) I love the idea of using silhouettes instead of movie stills for the room. It gives the room a much more elegant feel. Navy striped curtains will help break up the gray wall and add a fun punch to the room. 

Chair- Target
Dresser- Ikea Hemnes
Rug- Target
Peter Pan Doll- Disney Store

Watching my husband put together the rocking chair tonight was definitely surreal. I can't believe we are going to be parents. I know he is going to be an incredibly daddy to our little boy!

I will try to post pictures when the room comes together. I am so excited to see how it will turn out!

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  1. I cannot wait to see the finished product sweet girl :) I am sure it will look amazing!