Thursday, January 22, 2015

Liam's First Birthday! -Party Prep

Peter Pan Birthday

Hold on. Pause. Rewind. How in the absolute WORLD is my baby boy going to be ONE already? No. No. No. I refuse to accept this. Didn't I just have him? Am I still using his birth as an excuse for the extra chub around my waist line? My lanta', time goes fast. On March 1st, I will have to come to terms with my sweet child growing up. Actually, no. I won't. That's why I decided on a Peter Pan/Neverland/ NEVER grow up theme! ;)

So, let's talk inspiration. This is where I'm starting. I'm working with a wonderful etsy designer for my invitations-saralukecreations. I'm incredibly impressed with her work and quick responses to my questions. I first saw this invitation design on a post of a totally yummy party by Jenny Keller. Seriously. This party was absolutely delicious. Look at the details!

I ordered the Peter Pan movie on eBay (stinking movie vault!) to play during the party. Random fact- This movie was playing while I was in labor! Like... as I was pushing. Between pushes the doctor would turn around and watch. So, it's pretty fitting that it's playing at the party as well.

I am LOVING these hats by etsy designer princessbooksbyjmh. I was going to attempt to make them myself, but then realized, "Who am I kidding... I'm never going to pull that off." So ordering it is. They are super cute. And how fun will it be for the kiddies?

Instead of party bags full of candy, I decided to go a different route. I am giving each child a Disney's Peter Pan Golden Book! They were incredibly cheap on amazon, and I really love the idea of giving out these sweet little books.

We found cute straws and plates to match our "nautical" look. I also stumbled upon the Peter Pan poster I was looking for printed on wood for $14.99 at Meijer! SO cool! The Peter Pan doll is currently on sale for $7.99 at the Disney Store. Great deal! 

Last but certainly not least- We had this onesie made (with Liam's name of course!) by the incredibly talented LivieQ! I'm so excited for him to wear it!

I'm so excited to update as I keep putting this party together. We are so excited for our little baby to never grow up! ;) 

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