Thursday, November 21, 2013

25 Weeks! Bumpdate

How Far Along?  25 weeks and 2 days
Size of the Baby?  Papaya (getting big!) 
Maternity Clothes? Sort of! I bought a pair of jeans and a shirt, but that's it. Most of my clothes still fit, so I'm waiting to buy until I have to. 
Stretch Marks?  I've found some small ones. :( Bummer!
Gender?  Baby boy! 
Name? Yes! I'll be announcing this soon. 
Sleep? Sleeping well! Getting up sometimes for the bathroom, but nothing too awful. 
Cravings? Not really. I do like fries and fruit; however, nothing that I need to satisfy immediately. 
What I Miss? Feeling skinny. Ha! It's hard to get used to this bump.  
Symptoms? Nothing too notable right now. 
Movement?  Tons! The doctor said I have an anterior placenta so I won't feel kicks as hard as some, and that surprised me since I feel so much! :) He is such an active kiddo!
Belly Button?  In!
Morning Sickness? This has been one of the best parts about the last few weeks... my morning sickness is pretty much gone! I haven't thrown up! I still have some moments where I feel nauseous, but nothing bad at all. 
Weight Gain? I'm sure now that the throwing up is over I probably have. :) At my last appointment I had only gained 3 pounds the whole pregnancy. I'm guessing my next one will be different! Ha!
Best MomentJoe can finally feel the kicks! It's so fun to be able to "share" this with him. 


  1. ahh you look so cute!!
    Body shop makes a cocoa butter lotion stick that I used to carry round with me in my purse, if you start to get itchy from the "stretching" it helps a lot and it's non greasy.


  2. Awwww you're so cute!