Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Everybody Has Opinions

14 weeks of pregnancy down... 26 to go! I'm so glad that first trimester is far behind me. I'm still dealing with constant sickness, but I've learned that I'm a lot stronger than I give myself credit for! Due to losing 10 pounds since my last appointment, my doctor decided that it would be best if for a short while I try a combo of unisom and b6 to keep food in my stomach and out of the lovely porcelain bowl my face has become ever so familiar with. Today was the first time in months that I woke up without running to the bathroom. What a relief! Baby is growing and doing great! I heard the heartbeat yesterday for the first time. Such a beautiful, miraculous little sound! It's incredible to know that is happening inside my tummy.

The baby (bloat) bump is pretty much gone now. I'm guessing that's due to the crazy weight loss. Even odder was looking in the mirror the other day and feeling skinny! Not a feeling I expected to get while 14 weeks pregnant! :)

I saw this onesie a while ago on pinterest and originally thought "oh hey... that's kinda harsh." Now I can officially say, I agree! Oh my GOODNESS. Pregnancy brings out the crazy in people. Everyone has an opinion and a strict view on how things should be done. People can be downright mean. It doesn't help that my emotions are a bit out of my control right now. :) Today I sat at my little office cube crying because of others pushing their thoughts and desires for my child on me. Was crying an overreaction? Probably, but I so wish people knew when to mind their own. Chances are if i'm not actively asking for your opinion, I don't want it at this time. I know there will be moments when I come to others needing advice, and will gladly accept any forms of it then. I'm sure everyone has great intentions, but let us learn to make our own decisions for this baby. We want to learn through our own mistakes and successes. My sweet husband gave me the best advice ever, "we'll be ok, just don't let it get to you." I like him. I like him a lot. He's a lot more rational during times like that. Unfortunately things right now DO get to me. I'm already a bundle of nerves being a first time momma, and want to do everything right. 

On a more positive note, seeing ultrasound pictures of our little peanut makes me so incredibly excited! I cannot wait to snuggle this little baby. Only a few more weeks until we find out if it's a he or a she! 

Have a wonderful afternoon. :) 


  1. Yes! Unisom and B6, were my best friends during pregnancy! So glad they are helping you.

  2. When my sister was pregnant everyone was telling her she should do this and that and she hated it!! So, finally she stopped telling ANYONE what was going on with the pregnancy/baby etc. She only revealed the gender for gifts. She didn't tell anyone the name or anything so nobody could give unwanted advice!

  3. The only pieces of advice I offer out to pregnant ladies are
    1. Take the epidural
    2. People are crazy, you can be rude because your pregnant and tell people to go away.
    I told a lady in Target I was happy to taker her advice if she was contributing financially to the raising of my child. That shut her up ;o)

    You make a very cute pregnant lady, glad you are feeling better!

  4. The only unsolicited advice I have is to not be afraid to tell people to back off, don't touch the belly or the baby, and that you plan to do things your way. Ha ha ;D It's so crazy the people that come out of the woodwork with advice that you just HAVE to follow when you are pregnant or have a newborn.