Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Bump Date!

Oh goodness... I look like a BALLOON in this picture! It's definitely taking time for me to get used to these weird things happening to my body. 

How Far Along?  12 Weeks (In this picture) I will be 13 tomorrow!
Size of the Baby?  Plum
Maternity Clothes?  I am wearing a maternity dress in this picture. It is so much more comfortable then fitting my bloated self in regular clothes. 
Stretch Marks?  No. Thank goodness! Praying that they will stay away from this tummy!
Gender?  Only a few more weeks! I'm hoping for a little girl! :) 
Name?  Not yet, but my hubby brought home a book of 700 baby names to read last night. He's excited!
Sleep? I am exhausted all the time and love sleeping. It's hard to get comfortable, because I wake up all the time to go to the bathroom. 
Cravings?  Blueberries and popsicles! Also had a cider mill donut today... YUM.
What I Miss?  Going through a whole day without throwing up.    
Symptoms?  Morning Sickness (aka all day long sickness) to the max; bloated; migraines; sleepy
Movement?  Not yet! I thought I felt a flutter the other day, but I'm still not sure.   
Belly Button?  In.
Morning Sickness? Ugh. The worst. I threw up 10 times within 15 minutes the other day! 
Weight Gain? I actually lost 8 pounds the first trimester! 
Best Moment?  Seeing peanut move around and squirm at the 11 week ultrasound. Also, we announced to our families and friends this week!


  1. AHHHH! You are soooooo cute!

  2. When I was pregnant I had all day sickness too, my doctor had me take the tablet form of Unisom at night along with my prenatal vitamin and poof morning sickness was gone. Something in the Unisom tabletm(it's not in the gel caps) mixes with the b-12 in the prenatal to make a safe anti nausea solution. Not only did I not puke I slept great!

    Maxi dresses are GREAT for your entire pregnancy, comfortable too.

  3. AHHHH can't wait to find out that it's gonna be a girl so I can buy cute girl clothes! ;)

  4. Aww too cute!! Huge congratulations! I hope your morning sickness gets better soon.

    Thank you for link up with the I Love My Post Blog Hop

    Life in a Break Down

  5. What a gorgeous picture. Much prettier than my bump shots in the bedroom mirror lol.