Thursday, September 6, 2012

Falling for Fall

Fall is coming quickly to Michigan! We still are enjoying the insanely warm weather, but now that pumpkin spice lattes are back, it feels a little bit closer. I just discovered that you can get the pumpkin spice lattes in a frappe... seriously? Why did no one fill me in on this before? My life has been made. I bought the wonderful Cars spatulas on clearance at Williams Sonoma. I LOVE THAT STORE. My little nephews are going to adore them! 

I'm incredibly lucky to have a Charming Charlie's store right by my home. It's this fantastic jewelry store with more choices than you can ever imagine! I found the perfect gold watch and bracelet. I also scored a fabulous necklace that I'm sure will appear on here sooner or later. This fall is all about the gold-tones to me. I've been incredibly lucky in scoring some great new pieces lately. 

This weekend is going to be packed with fun. We are visiting the niece/nephews for some family time and I will hopefully be getting my first EVER pedicure with the sister-in-laws. I hope everyone is doing fantastic! 

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