Monday, September 22, 2014

Bad Blogger=Life Changes

I'm a bad blogger. I go weeks and months without updating, only to realize I still have so much I need to record and to say! These past few months have been an absolute whirlwind. It's been one giant blur in my mind as so much has happened!

Liam is now SIX months old. Holy cow! When did this happen? He is growing up so fast! Within 2 weeks, he learned how to crawl, started to sit up by himself, and got his first two teeth. What? He is definitely not obeying my "don't grow up" rule. He is trying so hard to walk, and gets the biggest smile on his face every time he stands up (holding our fingers of course.) I'm constantly amazed at my little person. I really get to keep him? I recently read a quote that said something along the lines of cherishing every last moment because one time you'll pick your baby up and it will be the last time you get to do that. That hit home big time for me. He's growing so fast, and there will come a day where he no longer snuggles with his head on my chest when he gets sleepy. I love that boy to the moon and back. He has quickly stolen my entire heart.

At the beginning of August, I decided to quit my job. It's definitely been a month of big decisions for me! I was driving to work sometimes 3 hours each way with traffic, and was only getting 2 hours of Liam's awake time in at night. It was breaking my heart. I felt like I was missing everything. Financially, we knew it was going to be incredibly difficult. My husband teaches at a Christian school, and while he LOVES being involved in a ministry, it isn't the biggest money maker in the world. We still have our mortgage to pay, bills to take care of, and a family to feed. I submitted my 2 weeks notice and decided to trust God with the bills. The day my boss got the letter, she brought it to HR and they immediately offered a full-time work from home position to me! It was way more than I ever prayed for or desired. I am SO thankful! Now, I get to spend time with my baby AND help provide for our little family on the money side of things. It's definitely overwhelming at times, but all the extra work is so worth it to see my baby boy experiencing all his firsts!

We completed a few more house projects- painted my grandma's old hutch white to match our decor, and our table set from my Aunt! I LOVE the way they turned out, and it was pretty easy. For free furniture, I sure am in love with it.

I've fallen in love with gold spray paint. Rustoleum Metallic Gold is my absolutely FAVORITE right now. It's a quick way to update vases, outdated decor, and even plastic candy containers you get at Christmas!

And with that, I'll leave you with this. Hysterical. Poor Liam!

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  1. That is awesome that after putting in your 2 weeks notice they offered you a full time position from home! How nice..